the sisters behind the kits



Official job title: caretaker of two small (feral) mammals named Roman + Lincoln.

My boys have always been drawn to creative sensory play. We have trinket trays, art supplies, and “treasures” all around our house. Our dining room is now an art studio. If you come over for a playdate, odds are that we will play with water beads, paint, or make slime. It’s just how we roll. Recently, my youngest started OT. This prompted me to look at all the activities we were already doing at home in a more guided and directed manner. After many phone calls and conversations with my sister, the idea for ECCO-Kits was born.



Official job title: mad hatter.

My passion has always been to inspire young minds to love learning. After obtaining my B.S. in Education from the University of Georgia, I taught for 3 ½ years at a Georgia elementary school…. until I married a Navy officer and we were stationed in Hawaii. While there I taught part-time while obtaining my Masters in Education with a specialization in Early Reading and Literacy. As soon as I completed my program, I transitioned into a full-time teaching position for another 1 ½ years…. until the Navy moved us to New Jersey….and we found out we were expecting. I embraced my new roles as a stay-at-home wife and mother. My passion, usually dispersed among 25-30 students, was funneled into my one inquisitive, non-stop, full-speed-ahead little boy. Since he could express interest, I have encouraged his curiosity by basically creating thematic units in our house. At 4 years old, Benjamin has already moved from New Jersey to Rhode Island and then to Florida, and honestly, books and a love for learning have been comforting constants for him. When Josie contacted me about making kits for sensory and imaginative play, my professional background went into high gear. I offered some extensions to her ideas, and before you knew it, I was hired.